Nigerian Navy past questions and Answers

Nigerian Navy past questions and Answers – Free Download

If you want to join Nigerian Navy Force there is one thing that you need to prepare for the exercise and that is Nigerian Navy past
questions and Answers.

The Nigerian Navy Past Questions is a compilation of questions from previous examinations. It is one useful tool that can help candidates achieve their goal as I have earlier said above and you can’t afford to miss it when preparing for Nigerian Navy exercise.

The Nigerian Navy force past question is being divided into three basic components which are:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • General knowledge
  1. Mathematics

Mathematics section will be made up of 20 questions and candidates will be tested on simple topics like: Simple interest, ratio,percentage, probability,, sets, age and work, statistics, area and volumes, profits and loss, conversions, simple and compound interest as well as other simple mathematical questions. Just get it and take a good look at it.

2. English Language

This section consist of simple terms in our daily usage such as: Synonyms and antonyms (opposite and nearest in meaning) and filling the gap questions. There are usually 20 questions in this section.

3. General Knowledge

This section is drawn from different subjects like chemistry. Physics, biology, Nigeria current affairs and history of
Nigeria, news as regard Nigerian Navy, International organizations such as OPEC, UN, OAU and ECOWAS. The general knowledge is also made of information relates to science and technology. These sections usually have 10 questions.

Nigerian Navy Force questions is Usually 50 questions in total. Its question usually covers a wide area including the other subjects like chemistry,  physics, biology, history of Nigeria, Nigeria current affair, all about Nigerian Navy, World organizations such as OPEC,UN,ECOWAS, OAU as well as knowledge of information technology e.t.c. In all there are usually 10 questions, sometimes even 20 questions.

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In total, there are 50 Questions.

How to Get Nigerian Navy past questions and Answers

Now the question is how can I get Nigerian Navy past questions and answers? In other to answer the question I have decided to show you how most of my friends who are in the force used and get the hard copy of the  Nigerian Navy past questions and Answers

The truth is that there is now way you can download Nigerian navy Force past questions and answer complete free because anybody that have it bought it and could love to sell it as well. So, kindly follow the guide below to get Nigerian Navy past questions and answers.

So in other to get the complete current version of the Nigerian Navy past questions and Answers please visit any bookshop near you and ask for Nigerian Navy past questions and Answers and get it from there but if you do not see that you can buy it online from us ( )

The Nigerian Navy Past Question material has 300 questions and comprise of Mathematics, English and General Knowledge (100 questions in each of them)

Preparing with these past questions will give you an insight into the past exams conducted by The Nigerian Navy and also give an edge over your competitors, also there is a possibility you might come across the some of these past questions in the exam.

Please note that even though many of the questions have their answers checked, we do not guarantee their correctness, so we advised you solved the questions by yourself.

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The cost of getting the past questions is only N3000.

If you want to buy it from us please call this number 07067180370. Further instruction on how to get it will be given to you.

Don’t be scared as the past question will be sent to you as soon as you pay.

If you have any question as regards to these please do not forget to make use of the comment box below and let me know.

I hope this was helpful?

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